Michael Tanner and Alison Cotton

by Alison Cotton and Michael Tanner



Originally released as 2 cassette runs on Reckno and a limited CD issue by Dark Companion records to commemorate the 2016 Piacenza live show.

"Beyond the field that is watered with tears, in the forest where the fog never clears, past the tree that grew like a broken finger, behind the waterfall, to the side of the natural alter, there is a room. In that room, behind the bookcase, on the middle shelf, standing alone, is an unnamed book that contains no words but the key to the door to hell. " - Reckno

"Exquisite longform dynamic ambient work with some correlation to STEVEN R. SMITH's output with/as HALA STRANA and ULAAN PASSERINE but with a minimal / modern classical centric approach - elegant layers of violin, heartfelt motifs, soothing fermatas and subtle syncopated phrases, like a more free flowing STARS OF THE LID supplemented with a mystic drone folk flavor that kinda recalls RAISING HOLY SPARKS / DAVID COLOHAN - side two dives even deeper with a nineteen minute sidelong epic entitled "floodplains" which to me kinda sounds like TANGERINE DREAM's ZEIT righteously reinterpreted by OJERUM - this one's gonna be stuck in heavy rotation for a while" - PSI LAB

"Quietly levitating, rustic folk drone and windswept Wolfgang Voigt-like ambient strings, making up the time-dilating debut from Brighton’s Michael Tanner (United Bible Studies) and Alison Cotton (Saloon, The Left Outsides). There’s a fine line with modern classical/ambient expressions of this nature, but thankfully it’s one that this duo know how to navigate gently and without much recourse to cliche." - Boomkat

"United Bible Studies and The Left Outsides are both by-names for excellence in Terrascope’s book so how thrilling to hear members of both collaborating on this understated gem.
Truthfully there’s nothing much going on but then that’s the whole point of this bucolic and sombre Drone in three parts, ideal for early morning rumination or for that matter 24/7 daydreaming. Ghostly as if wreathed in enchanted mist, the glacially paced subtle variations – often of a single note - speak volumes as meditative strains are suspended in the ether for what seems like eternity.
Fans of either band will hardly quibble at any of this, while Radio 3 playlist compilers and aficionados of A Winged Victory For The Sullen (now there’s an idea for a hook up) would be wise to take note. All of which sets me thinking about the promised new The Left Outsides album and which will hopefully draw on some of this dark ambience. With tunes and stuff of course." - Terrascope


released November 23, 2016

Alison Cotton - Viola
Michael Tanner - Guitars, Synths, Accordion, Bowed Objects

Recorded at Greenwitch in Dorset and Lewes



all rights reserved


Michael Tanner/Plinth Lewes, UK

Eschewing teeth, skin and expensive electrical equipment since 1977 - Plinth, The A.Lords, The Cloisters, Thalassing, Bible Student and other silly names.

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